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Welcome to Roosevelt

Moving from back east? Seems as if many residents in the Roosevelt Historic District moved from back east or the midwest now to call Phoenix home. This may be because of the wrap around cozy porches that give the homes the feel of the east as opposed to the west. Whatever it is Roosevelt Historic District provides Bungalow homes to old starter homes designed in the horse and buggy days.

Roosevelt is one of Phoenix’s original neighborhoods dating back to 1893, even before Arizona became an official state. The homes range from 1800 to more than 3000 square feet with typically 4 bedrooms and many bathrooms. The perfect size for a starter family home. Many residents have stated it the perfect “downtown neighborhood”. In walking distance of many restaurants, markets, hip farmer’s markets, and with the light rail just a few steps away, Roosevelt makes it possible to be without a car.

Home to the Roosevelt Row Arts District, also known as RoRo, holds the town’s award-winning restaurants and fosters an urban reestablishment with restored bungalows and new infill projects. RoRo connects to the heart of downtown Phoenix and other historic neighborhoods. With one of the largest self guided art walks RoRo contributes as the center of the monthly art walk. Held the first Friday of every month from 6-10 pm visitors are able to tour the galleries of the spiritual and cultural art of the city. Roosevelt Row also holds events such as the Chile Pepper Festival, Truck Food Tours, and a Pie Social.

People who love to live in living history. Prominent Phoenicians lived here and shaped our great city.

People who don't like creeky floors.

Phoenicians who want to walk to downtown. Literally downtown is at their footsteps.

Owning a piece of history will cost you half a million...Plus or minus $200k.

The homes of a budding new town, older than the state itself.



Phoenix was founded in 1867 and experienced slow and steady growth. The transcontinental railroad, built in 1884, moved in hundreds of new residents and tourists to the Valley. Houses were mainly constructed in the southern and eastern parts of the original Phoenix area. The Roosevelt District finally experienced expansion through the years 1893 to 1930. The historic Kenilworth and Bennett Place comprised over 200 lots during these years, Planks Addition had ten, McDowell place had fourteen lots, and the remaining five neighborhoods at the time ranged from 26 to over 134 lot.

Between the years 1890 and 1891 the area around the Salt River experience critical flooding which caused upperclass residents to move north and to higher ground along what is now known as Central Avenue. This movement led to the development and growth shift of northern Phoenix creating the establishment of the Roosevelt Neighborhood.

When he moved to Phoenix in 1884 he caused great influence on the Roosevelt Neighborhood today. Guy Bennett was a cattle dealer who had moved from Missouri and settled in the area we today call bennett Place. Development of the area was slow but steady and during the 1890s city council embarked on the campaign leading to the annexing of the area. By 1920 number of duplexes and apartments were constructed in hopes to attract Phoenix’s winter visitors

Roosevelt Homes for Sale