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North Central

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Welcome to North Central

Tree-lined neighborhoods and rich history, these are just a few of the assets that make North Central Phoenix is one of the more developed communities in Phoenix. The neighborhoods encompassing this large residential area have not received historic resignation, but they do have some great history and they have been in place for more than 50 years.

North Central offers homes somewhere between $6 million and half a million. More of the modest homes and town homes are also available as you travel farther north and east.The historic Murphy Bridle Path on both sides of Central Avenue preserves the shady, rural feel of the community. You’ll see joggers, runners, walkers, and baby strollers who easily appreciate this.

Those who can afford to be on the largest residential lots close to downtown

Those who like low maintenance landscaping or older homes

Local enthusiasts with some of the greatest local flavors nearby - One of the least corporate areas in the Valley lies right in the center of it

Homes range from mid-level to multi-million dollar estates

The historic Murphy Bridle Path on both sides of Central Avenue with its shady, rural feel and streets filled with homes that have some of the greenest lots in town



In 1895 when William J. Murphy mapped the Orangewood subdivision is when the development of Central Avenue began, which eventually became known as the North Central Corridor. The subdivision was first predicted to be divided into 20-acre sized lots. Olive and Ash trees were added on the sides of the neighborhood with orange and lemon trees planted in the inner division of the town. Not until 1940 was the North Central Avenue characterized by suburban homesites. During the post World War II larger lots were then subdivided and developed ranch style homes in the area.

It wasn’t until 1959 that North Central Avenue area extended into the city of Phoenix. In 1963 the Phoenix City Council actually rejected the plans to bury the SRP irrigation lateral and widen the street. This declared that Central Avenue (North Central) should remain unchanged with its parkway character and the bridle path on the east side.

The Murphy Bridle Path begins at Bethany Homes Road and ends two and a half miles north of the Arizona Canal. It is a well-graded pedestrian and bicycling trail. The path is roughly 10 feet wide located between lush ash and olive trees. This path has been a recreational path and landmark of North Central of over 100 years.

North Central Homes for Sale