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Welcome to Ahwatukee

Bordering South Mountain Park and Guadalupe Road on the north and, Chandler, Guadalupe, Tempe, and the Interstate 10 to the east the metropolitan town of Ahwatukee in Phoenix is great for hiking, biking, golf, and even volleyball.
The town has been called the world’s largest cul-de-sac due to only a few entrances through the Interstate 10. Because of Ahwatukee’s isolation, many of the town’s residents do not consider their region with the rest of the city. With a residential population of about 88,000 Ahwatukee covers 36 square miles separated by South Mountain.

Quiet neighborhoods, great schools, nearby shopping areas, and outdoor activities Ahwatukee is the a great family area. The region allows residents to have a home for any lifestyle from modern to vintage and cozy to luxurious. The real estate in the Ahwatukee area has always been in very high demand.

People who are looking to get away from the center of Phoenix to a more desert styled setting without getting too far from Phoenix.

Those who have to commute daily and despise it.

Although there are a few golf courses in Ahwatukee, it would be remiss to not mention the many trails of South Mountain, the country's largest city park.

Master planned communities full of tract housing ranging from more affordable in the flatter areas with high-end homes nestled in the foothills of South Mountain.

South Mountain and its foothills, and of course, the views of the mountains.



Before the 1800s Ahwatukee was a hunting and farmland to it’s natives. The area even had 32 registered silver and gold mines. In 1921 the first home was built by Dr. Ames. Helen Brinton then bought the home off the dentist in 1935. The home was 2,000 acres on the southeast side of South Moutain. She had named the home Ahwatukee which means “House of Dreams” a Crow indian word which now serves the name of the village. In 1979 the house was demolished and parts of it were used to build the the Our Lady of Guadalupe church. Mary Gibson was the first to write a book on the history of Ahwatukee.

In 1971 development came through and planted large tracks next to South Mountain. Part of the land was purchased, subdivided and developed int a residential community by the Presley Development Company, which was owned by Elvis Presley’s uncle. Now one of the fastest growing areas, Ahwatukee is said to reach a high population of 120,000 soon.

Ahwatukee Homes for Sale