An educated client is a preferred client. There’s no arguing that. That’s why we’ve gone to town blogging about the market, things that benefit buyers or sellers, real estate news and trends, or upcoming happenings in the local community.

What Kind of Lender Should I Use?

July 18, 2013 - By resourcephx

There are a handful of ways you can obtain a loan these days. Whether it’s through your trusted bank, a mortgage banker, or even through the seller of a potential property, you should be able to find the perfect loan for you. Before I give a little overview of the different types of lenders, it […]

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Things To Prepare For During Monsoon Season

July 5, 2013 - By Nicole

For the new inhabitants of Arizona, our state is typically seen as a dry, sunny paradise. This is true…until about July. Formally known to Arizona natives as “Monsoon Season,” the months of July and August can be a little atypical from our scorching forecast. During Monsoon season, it is not uncommon to experience bizarre weather […]

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New Real Estate Website

July 1, 2013 - By resourcephx

It’s been a long time coming for Chris and myself, with all the transactions, the meet ups, the events, and many late night discussions on how there could be a better way to search for homes online, we’ve begun a journey into providing a one-stop shop for residents living in the valley. What makes […]

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