Less is More: The Tiny House Movement

November 4, 2016 - By Resource

The Tiny House Trend has been making its way across the country, but would you be willing to live in a space that’s less than 500 square feet?

item_1-adapt-480-low-tiny-house-infographic-thumbnailThe Tiny House Trend is a social movement where people move out of a typical 2600 sq. foot home into a “tiny house.” These tiny homes are typically between 100 and 400 sq. feet and feature a porch, kitchen bathroom, great room, and bedroom. Some people even build them as extensions of their actual homes to use them as offices, in-law suites, or guest housing. Cities have also begun to use them to provide shelter for the homeless or to give shelter to those who have suffered from a natural disaster.

People have many reasons behind moving into a Tiny House, but the most popular reasons include: financial concerns, environmental concerns, and the desire for more free time and freedom. Many of these homes are made from recycled materials and have the potential to be shipped almost anywhere!

Here in Phoenix, Uncharted Tiny Homes creates custom Tiny Homes  for peoplescreen-shot-2016-10-28-at-10-36-12-am
who want to live in them full-time or for those who just want to add a little something to their property. They use features such as 11-foot ceilings to create the illusion of space and make sure to add luxury details to make people feel like they are living in mini-mansions. These homes can be 1 or 2 stories with 1bedroom/1 bath or 2 bedroom/1bath!

The Tiny House636056754629376676-tiny-homes-1 Trend also made an appearance in Scottsdale in early 2015. With strict zoning and building requirments, it made it difficult to find a place to build a tiny home. But, with a good amount of planning, Taylor V. was able to build his tiny home on residential land. His ultimate goal was to make his home mobile! After hearing about this, a group of Arizona State University students built a model tiny home and presented their idea about a tiny-home community.







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